Takahiro Izutani

Dugo 'Prism EP'がリリースされました。

通常のDugoのリリースとは別ラインとして新たにアンビエントミュージックのシリーズを始めました。その第一弾となるPrism EPがSpotifyでリリースされました。

Dugo has started a new ambient music series aside from the usual Dugo release. The first of these Prism EP has been released on Spotify.


The definition of ambient music is so broad that it can range from something like meditation music or soundscapes to something like lounge music that you can just relax in. Dugo's work is not just something that functions as BGM, but aims at music that makes you feel the concept and the story of the song when you are immersed in it and also arouse your imagination. I myself meditate as a daily habit so I just want to make music that makes me enjoy meditation.


The music video was shot at Ryoanji Temple and Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto. Unfortunately, it was raining and the area around both temples was almost unmanned. The places which was saturated with foreign tourists until two years ago have ironically regained its original silence because of COVID-19.