Takahiro Izutani



Dugo "Recluse (edit mix)"のフルサイズミュージックビデオを公開しました。ここのところDugoの新作EP関連で色々と書いて来ましたが、ようやく明日10/9リリースとなります。以下はトラックリストとSpotifyのリンクになります。

Recluse EP
/ Dugo
URI: spotify:album:09l2edcwPy2xxUxvgIyNLf


URI: spotify:track:3x2NRmi5XgpgXag97wpnE6

Crossing Probability
URI: spotify:track:4mqkEeHeGvroUtZFKo8rmc


URI: spotify:track:5cvK0qNNS2abWgz48VmKK4
Recluse (Edit)

URI: spotify:track:1CIJzKOYKbmKJVFvbA5bUU







By the way, this time it was the first time for me to release my work by myself, and the challenge was how well I could achieve results by doing everything from production, distribution arrangements, marketing strategy to publication on my own.

In fact, earlier this year, the German music publisher that I had previously signed referred me to some long-established London-based electronic music label, then actually I was in talks with them about the releasing. However, it is no wonder that it is difficult for them to take up an unknown Asian artist like me only by the content of the music, and moreover I have neglected the effort to grow Dugo's fan base until now. As a result, all the situations have changed with COVIT-19 before we talk actual things.

As I had always been told from the music publisher, nowadays no label or record company will listen to a song of the artists who haven't acquired some amount of figures on Spotify.

However, as I researched various tips on how to hack Spotify and how to use social media ads, online activities, exposure, and presence are all being reflected in Spotify's algorithms. It turns out that data is even being linked between platforms of social media and Spotify. So while live performances are still difficult, it's not impossible to expand the fan base and connect it to the numbers of play on Spotify if we continue to do other activities as before.

In order to increase presence online, it is necessary to increase engagement with the audience by providing various types of content that people can be interested in. Also, the audience can be sympathized with you even in the deep part of the music and musicality by showing the daily life of your own musical activities and sharing the long way journey as an artist.

I wonder if the audience really can be sympathized with the everyday life of such an ordinary person like me, but even unknown artists definitely have content that can be shown only by themselves, so it is better to face yourself, not to refer to the way of major artists overly.  For me that was to start making a video, or to show how it was like when I visited various places to shoot the material for the video.

Also, in recent years, in order to maintain its presence on such music streaming platforms, the strategy of continuing to produce "moderate" works in a surprisingly short cycle have become mainstream, but I would like to carefully develop ideas and produce a dense work.

For me, Dugo's tracks are like my own child, so it's not easy to make them. Therefore, I would like to make sure that various people will be pleased with the songs that have been grown over a long period of time and effort when they are released to the world. It might be like a parental feeling toward a child.

Anyway, now I've completed the first self-releasing, but Dugo will continue to release the works regularly, so I'm very glad if you would support me as well. Next time, I'm planning to try different music styles and marketing strategies.